Gender Selection Australia (GSA) are Australia’s gender selection experts. We have a team of staff knowledgeable on all things gender selection, including owners who have visited Dr. Potter for IVF and PGD, so we know how you’re feeling and most importantly what you can expect.

Gender Selection Australia is an Australian based and operated organisation dedicated to helping Australians choose the gender of their baby.

We have an exclusive partnership with Dr. Daniel Potter (the world renowned and pre-eminent expert in gender selection, based in Los Angeles) to service the needs of Australians wanting to complete their family.  Whether it is for genetic disease screening or simply to help with family balancing, GSA provides a complete gender selection solution for Australians – taking the legwork, hassle and uncertainty out of choosing the right doctor from overseas.

Because gender selection for family balancing purposes is currently not yet legal in Australia, hundreds of Australian families each year are going overseas to a variety of countries to choose the gender of their baby via IVF.  Gender Selection Australia understands how difficult and time consuming this fact-finding process is for Australians, (not to mention how risky putting your faith in a doctor and his team on the other side of the world) so its sole purpose is to make the process easier, safer, faster and to achieve the best results possible for Australians.