The advantages of using GSA include:

  • You’ll be speaking with an Australian team, in Australia, in an Australian time zone.  You won’t need to go through the hassle of dealing with foreign medical practitioners and their teams in foreign time zones just to understand more about them and their service.  And when the time’s right to speak with Dr. Potter and his team, we’ll take the stress out of this introduction for you by providing Dr. Potter with the right information about you and your needs so you can get straight to business.
  • You’ll be connected with GSA staff who have utilised Dr. Potter before.  They understand the questions and concerns you have because they have been through the process before and seen how it works first hand!  The staff can give you all sorts of practical advice on how to navigate the IVF with PGD landscape as well as what to expect from the entire process… from initial consultation to your journey to L.A.
  • You’ll be dealing with the only business fully dedicated to meeting the gender selection needs of Australians.  Why use anyone else when GSA can be your one-stop-shop?

The Gender Selection Australia team believe we can offer all Australians wanting to choose the gender of their next baby the very best service to help them achieve the very best outcome.  And most importantly we have an exclusive partnership with the person we believe to be the very best gender selection doctor worldwide – Dr. Daniel Potter.  We are so confident that we have the best offer for Australians that we are offering free consultations and follow up service… you won’t be charged a cent for using Gender Selection Australia.