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Dr. Daniel Potter

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Gender selection Australia services

The GSA team in Australia work exclusively with Dr Potter’s team to equip you with all the advice and support you may need throughout your gender selection journey. As Australia’s most trusted gender selection service, we provide solutions to any problems you may encounter including partnering doctors in Australia (for testing and monitoring), pharmacies, accommodation advice, counsellors that can support you and anything else you may need along the way!

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What is Gender Selection?

IVF Gender Selection is a fertility procedure used to choose the gender of a baby prior to conception. Gender selection is performed by creating embryos, and then testing the embryos so you can choose which gender you want to transfer. We help you understand how to have a baby boy or how to have a baby girl.

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Globally superior success rates

Here is just a sample of Dr. Potter’s (HRC Fertility Orange County) live birth rates :

  • Pt Age
  • <35
  • 35-37
  • 38-40
  • 41-42
  • % live birth per transfer
  • 81.1% (1st Nationally)
  • 67.7% (2nd Nationally)
  • 60.0% (5th Nationally)
  • 83.3%
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All inclusive pricing packages

Comprehensive packages with Dr Potter starting from $19,390 USD includes the following. EXCLUSIVE OFFER  – TAKE OFF $1000USD & INCLUDE FREE EMBRYO TRANSFER. PAY ONLY $18,390USD FOR A LIMITED TIME


  • Extensive consultations with Gender Selection Australia team
  • 1:1 consultation with Dr Potter
  • A dedicated U.S. nurse assigned to you
  • Monitoring and ultrasounds done at Dr Potter’s clinic
  • Egg retrieval and embryo cultivation
  • PGD to determine the gender and screen out over 200 different diseases
  • Embryo transfer
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Affordable payment plans available

Your repayments can be as little as $30 per week!

When time is such a critical factor for so many on this journey, it is not fair when finances are the only barrier to completing your family.

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Why use Gender Selection Australia?

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Talk to a local!

Talk to an Australian in Australia who understands the gender selection process you are considering and who will be there to support you throughout your journey.

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We care about you

We are here to support you every step of the way. From general advice to recommended doctors and pharmacies – anything you need to make the journey as seamless as possible!

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Well trusted

We are Australia’s most trusted Gender Selection service and we’re proud to have exclusively partnered with Dr. Potter since 2014. Join over 5,000 other Australian families who we’ve helped so far.

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Why choose GSA?


We have assisted over 5,000 Australian families and counting!

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