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gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“I first stumbled across GSA on the Internet when my husband asked me to do some research on the topic. Vivienne arranged an evening consult – I can’t tell you how nervous I was waiting for the call. We spoke for 45 minutes and they were able to calm my nerves and answer my questions. Throughout the whole journey of gathering information, being put in touch with Dr Potter and his team and even through the injections Vivienne and the entire GSA team were there to support me. I can’t thank Vivienne, Richard, Danielle, Dr Potter, Lori and the team at HRC Fertility enough for making our dreams come true. Can’t wait to meet our baby girl next year!”

Tonia and Michael W / Facebook
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

Many thanks to Dr Potter, Lori and the team in the U.S. Our baby is only here because of you. Also a big thanks to Vivienne for all your help and support over the past 9 months, you are an angel. Best of luck to all the other Australian and NZ families – may you all get your dream as we have

Alessia and Cameron T / Facebook
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

Vivienne, I want to thank you and Lori for all your guidance and support throughout the journey. Without you all we wouldn’t be here holding our beautiful boy. Thank you for being there and supporting us, talking us through each stage – it made the whole experience so seamless. Thank you again!

Livinia and Tim D / Facebook
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“Our experience with Dr. Potter and his team was first class.From the initial consultations to the discussion directly with Dr. Potter, we were treated with respect and care… and none of our questions were too “dumb”!Not knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised with the ultra-professional and modern facilities of Dr. Potter’s offices, and the efficient way our appointments were treated so we could get on with enjoying our “holiday” in L.A.Coming home to Australia pregnant capped off a very worthwhile exercise and we can’t recommend Dr. Potter and his team highly enough.”

Stuart and Rachael
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“Dr. Potter,
We are so very thankful and appreciative for everything you and your staff did for us at the Newport Beach location. We have a beautiful, healthy, perfect new baby girl to add to our three wonderful boys making our family complete. I am so very thankful I found you and took the leap of faith that made our dreams come true! From the bottom of our hearts we sincerely thank you!

Eric & Lori
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

Dear Dr. Potter,
Words can’t express how thankful we are to you and your staff. We are blessed to have our baby and you were a big part of us becoming a family.

Kara & Peter
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“Dr. Potter,
Thank you for all of your support, guidance, and generosity! We wouldn’t want to be on this journey with any other Doctor!”

Nikki & Brian
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“Dr. Potter,
My husband and I feel so happy and content. It is hard to find the perfect words to thank you, Dr. Potter, and the other staff at HRC. We are thrilled with our little family and you helped us get there. You do amazing work!
Thank you so, so much.”

Olivia & Alfonso
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“Dr. Potter,
A year ago you worked so hard to make our dream of having a family a reality! Not only did you give us one miracle but you gave us two!
Our little ones are so amazing! They smile and talk up a storm! There truly were meant to be in our lives.
Thank you so much for everything you did for us and our family!”

Brian & Robbie
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“Hi Vivienne and Team,
“We were so fortunate enough to have our transfer done successfully! Lori was wonderful and so friendly and approachable. Dr Potter was very professional and so supportive, we felt very comfortable through the whole process. We are so excited and so grateful to you and everyone else involved. Cannot thank you enough”

Alison & Josh
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“Dr. Potter,
We just wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for helping make the impossible a possibility for us. There is truly no way we could express our thanks.
Thank you for everything!”

Jennie & Brian
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

“Hello Viv,
We have been back a couple of weeks but I wanted to let you know I am pregnant. First time! We cannot believe it!
My experience was very smooth. Everything ran to plan. I had nothing to be scared about.
Lori was so so very lovely. She hugged and kissed us as soon as we meet her and made us feel very comfortable. She was so friendly and that makes the whole process much easier. She explained everything so well. Even before I left for California she was so helpful in explaining my medication and answering questions. Dr Potter was also so nice. He really did have a lot of time for me and he answered all my questions and believe me I did have a lot!
Thanks for all your help and support throughout this journey – you have been invaluable!”

Elisia & Jonathon
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

Hi Vivienne,  This is the email I’ve hoped I would be writing for 12 months now! I just wanted to thank you for your support and let you know I’ve had the first and second HCG blood tests after the 2 week wait and I am indeed pregnant! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and guidance.

Laura and Rob
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

I first came across GSA when doing a Google search on how to have a baby of your desired gender. It was fantastic to have so much information to present to my husband about gender selection. The professionalism of GSA gave him the confidence to go ahead with our dream of having a daughter. It would be easy for me to put my rose coloured glasses on and tell you how easy this process was as we now have our beautiful daughter. It was far from easy but by far the most amazing and rewarding experience. We definitely could not have done this without all the amazing help and guidance from every team member at GSA and HRC. Isobel’s three older brothers are absolutely besotted with her and having her with us is everything we dreamt of. Thank you so much GSA.

Amy and Mark
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

We just wanted to share the news of the birth of our baby girl. She was born quickly after only a short labour. Her brothers were also there to witness the birth which made it extra special. Hugest thank you – to you Vivienne, Lori and Dr Potter and everyone behind the scenes that helped make this happen. We are forever grateful.

Melissa and Don
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

Hi Vivienne, our precious little girl has arrived. She has two very excited big brothers who adore her already. We cannot thank you enough for all your help in making our dreams come true. You were with us from the moment we started thinking about this – it was a long journey from start to finish but worth every minute.Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda and Luke
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

We started the New Year off with a Bang welcoming our Little girl. She came in a big hurry but we are so happy she is here our hearts could not be fuller. Her 4 big brothers are very smitten. We just wanted to say thank  you for helping us make our dreams come true we are so grateful for everything that you have helped us with along the way.

Leanne and Rowan
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

Hi Vivienne,

I just wanted to let you know that we are officially pregnant. I had my 12 week scan last week and our baby boy is thriving.

I just wanted to thank you for all your support. As you know Lisa and I tried to undergo IVF in Australia but it was fraught with disappointment and judgement. Many clinics made us feel uncomfortable and although we found a supportive clinic the amount of hoops we had to jump through was crazy. We had to undergo so much counselling and testing and in the end the number of sperm donors in Australia was so small. We couldn’t find the right donor and we wanted to make the right decision. Initially we wanted a baby but when we thought it through, having a baby, choosing the gender and being part of a group that supported us having a baby made is easy to go down this road.

Working with you and Dr Potter’s team was amazing. We felt welcomed with open arms, so supported and the process compared to Australia was simple and straight-forward. And importantly we had so many donors to choose from which gave us a sense of peace as we felt like we found the best match for us.

Obviously we are part of a large LGBTI community and we have been sharing the news with all our friends who as you can imagine want to be parents also!! Thanks again and once our beautiful baby boy is born in early December we will let you know the happy news.

Maggie and Elizabeth, South Australia
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

Thank you Vivienne for everything you did to help us bring our sweet little cherub into the world. I can’t believe we pulled it off! But I’d do it all again! We love her beyond belief.

I could never express how much it means to me that you and GSA made this possible for us. You were so professional but so warm and reassuring when we spoke for the very first time and I knew I’d be in such good hands. You’re excellent at your job.

Thank you and GSA for supporting our dreams with no judgement.

Leah and Brendan
gender selection australia, baby gender selector

Hi All,

Our beautiful little girl is finally here.

She is the sweetest tiny gift and we absolutely adore her.

She is already loved beyond words and the littlest one that ever did steal our hearts.

We can never thank you enough for everything you have done for us and will forever be grateful for our little girl.

Karina, Marcus and boys


Dr. Potter continues to be the most widely sought after and recognised gender selection expert not only in Australia but globally. Please see below for some highlights of the media surrounding him and his trips to Australia, and some videos explaining the process.

Meet Dr. Potter: Dr. Potter discusses his educational background as well as his own personal experience with infertility.

International Patients: Learn more about how Dr. Potter and his team work for their International Patients.

Dr. Potter’s appearance on 60 Minutes in Australia

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Herald Sun print & online coverage – August 30, 2015:

gender selection australia, baby gender selection

Tues 24th May

I picked up my meds today. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in this process, from an online enquiry to Gender Selection Australia to this point. It really feels as if I might be lucky enough to make my/our dream of having a daughter to add to our beautiful brood of boys, come true. Lots of thoughts about whether I’m deserving of this and whether we are doing the right thing enter my mind, but I am so sure that we are.

29th May

Here we go! I took the first dose of the pill today. It’s really happening now! I haven’t taken the pill in years so I admit, I felt a little sick tonight. I’m anxious about how the other medications are going to make me feel during this process, but the thought of the potential end result will keep me going. I can push past the sick feeling. I do have a lot of hope that this will work for us. Although I know there are lots of reasons why it may not, I feel very positive ?

24th June

I started administering my injections yesterday. The Medteach online videos really helped me so I recommend watching them if you are feeling apprehensive. It was scary but didn’t hurt and is making the whole journey ‘real’ now! I didn’t feel any different afterwards, and expected my moods to change immediately (because the rumour has it, you get nasty lol). I’m worried that the hormones might actually agree with me! Ha haha.

10/11th July

Today is the day. We hopped on a plane heading to LA leaving our two beautiful boys behind. It’s the first time I’ve left them for this long and I can tell you, I’m not sure what is more nerve wracking, what we are about to embark on, or leaving the kids!

Because we lose a day flying over, we have actually arrived in LA on this day too. We had a hire car organised from LAX airport which was easy to collect. Straight to Dr Potter’s office for obs and an ultrasound!

Unfortunately, my eggs were still a little small (a couple of days growing to do) to have the trigger injections. My estradiol levels were great however! All this means is that my egg retrieval will now be a day later, and that also means the transfer will be too.

12th July

Back to Dr Potters to check levels again and see if I can have the trigger injections. All looks great and we’ve been given the green light! Lori, our consultant, was so warm, friendly and helpful. It was so nice to finally meet her too! Off to the pharmacy to collect more medications for the triggers, and for after the egg retrieval procedure. I’m beginning to rattle like a pharmacy, but all for a wonderful cause of course I’m now on a high salt, high protein diet! Bring on the burgers and Gatorade! The best part of today was visiting Santa Monica! What a beautiful place! Shrimp at Bubba Gumps for lunch. A very American experience . At 11:20pm tonight I administered my trigger injections.

13th July

Shopping at Fashion Island! Boy oh boy! So, I might’ve snuck some little girly hair ribbons in one of my purchases. I don’t want to get too carried away as I know we still have a way to go with this but I wanted to make the process a little more ‘real’.

14th July

Egg retrieval day! Nervous is an understatement! My poor husband was going in for a PESA too so we were told we must organise a car to collect us from our hotel, and to take us back afterwards. So, at 8:30am, a stretch limousine arrives to collect us. Talk about doing this in style! There was a delay at the clinic and instead of going in at 10:20am, we ended up going in at 12:20pm! We went in separately and both of us got to meet Dr Potter. He’s a fountain of information on where the best eating spots are in Newport & Laguna Beaches….oh, and his knowledge on fertility treatment is pretty awesome too!

We were both put under a general anaesthetic and off we went to sleep. Fingers crossed.

Only 20-30 minutes later and I was eating Cheez-its and drinking my recovery Gatorade. Dr Potter popped in to recovery to let me know they retrieved 19 eggs. I was pretty happy at this point! A little sore and hungry (we hadn’t eaten since 6pm the night before), we hopped back into our limousine and then drove into town. We found a beautiful Italian restaurant and boy did I eat!

Now the 5 day wait begins. We are off to Central LA tomorrow. What can I say, I’m a Pretty Woman fan from way back

19th July

The wait is now excruciating…thoughts are going through my mind about how many embryos will ‘make it’ and how many will be girls (if any at all). I’m also feeling very sad about the boy embryos. Too much time to think! Today was hard as it was a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’. I’m missing my beautiful boys and I guess I’m just anxious to know if there will be a transfer tomorrow or not .

An email from Lori came through at about 3pm advising us that 9 out of the 12 embryos had been biopsied. She advised that this was good news but still referred to tomorrow’s transfer as ‘possible transfer’. Tomorrow will bring with it news of whether we have a girl to transfer. So nerve wracking and the longest wait of my life….

21 July

8 out of 9 embryos biopsied were girls!The 3 that were normal were girls!!Lucky no.7 embryo was transferred today at 12:23pm!!
OMG!!!! Xx

5 August

So guys, I’m 5 weeks and 1 day today!
HUG levels are rising as they should and I have my first scan on August 15th I cannot tell you how happy we are!! xx

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