Wondering How to Have a Baby Boy or Girl?

“Can I select the sex of my baby?” is a common question that many Australian couples ask themselves. There are numerous reasons why a couple would be considering selecting the gender of their baby. Whatever your reasons, you want to know that you’re in the best hands, getting the best treatment possible. At Gender Selection Australia, we provide a caring, supportive approach to the process of gender selection. Pregnancy in general can simultaneously be a confusing and wonderful time, let alone if you’re considering IVF or PGD processes. We’re here to take the stress out of the IVF gender selection process, and guide you on your way to a happy and healthy pregnancy.


How does gender selection work?

The most common questions generally asked by Australians include how gender selection actually works, together with wanting to know the overall process they will be going through: from initial testing, right through to actual pregnancy.  To understand more on these important questions please click on the tabs below:

A caring process from a supportive team

It can seem isolating when you know you want to undergo gender selection for your next child, and sometimes it may feel like there is not enough support. Thankfully, there is help out there and an approachable, reliable service to offer it.

Our client success stories are a testament to the service we provide, with many happy results that have added so much joy and happiness to their lives.


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