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Same Sex Parenthood through IVF in Australia

IVF for same sex parents

Struggling with infertility can be a tough journey, especially as it is often full of conflicting information and high emotional stress. This is particularly true for same sex parents, for whom the options are often limited to adoption or In vitro fertilisation (IVF). Some same sex couples may choose IVF, especially as this gives the […]

Can a Single Parent Do IVF?

IVF for a single woman in Australia

There are many people who experience a number of hurdles on their road to parenthood. These issues and challenges can make it doubly hard for a single parent.  It is not unusual for someone in this position to be confused, wondering if there is such a thing as IVF for a single parent? The good […]

Growing the GSA family. Another success story for Mother Denise & Baby Cleo.

IVF for baby girl

After finding out our second baby would be another boy, I was disheartened. Gender disappointment hit me hard, and it was very unexpected. I began to research methods of swaying a particular gender, which eventually led me to an IVF gender selection Facebook group based in America. Like most Australians, I was unaware gender selection through IVF […]