How Single Women IVF Treatments Can Work Wonders

single women as IVF

There is a growing demand for IVF Australia wide and an interest in the ways of choosing the gender of the baby. 

With that growth comes an increase in the single women IVF category. More single women are undertaking the IVF journey as a single parent.

There has been more than a 50% increase in different IVF treatment facilities for single women seeking IVF or ART treatments. In some places, it is close to 1 in 10 would-be Mums who are single women.

There were many obstacles to IVF for same sex parents, and singles, but have things changed that much?

The path to IVF

No-one chooses to take the journey of IVF treatment lightly, especially as a single parent.

Despite the number of people undertaking that journey, there are still some hurdles and prejudices that same sex couples and single parents can encounter.

There is always the issue of gaining proper access to donor sperm and the best in assisted reproduction programs. 

The difference for single mothers is that while being accepted for IVF treatment, they are met by unnecessary and sometimes unintentional judgment. The presumption is that there is an unseen partner who will be part of the process and the questions throughout the process make this assumption clear. 

It is understandable that most participants in an IVF program will be working from the strength of being an existing couple. This means many single women as IVF participants, feel like they are doing something ‘dodgy’ throughout the process.

single women IVF
Single women and twice as many roadblocks

Despite the removal of legal barriers for single women accessing IVF being removed in 2010, a large number of single parent Mums have experienced hurdles such as having a GP refusing to give a referral to fertility clinics.

The underlying prejudice of certain clinics has also been an experience through IVF for same sex parents. 

Thankfully, those experiences are on the decline and the care and attention that any person undergoing fertility treatment needs is the cornerstone of most clinics today.

One place is known for its ability to help singles and couples of any combination enjoy the best possible experience on their path to parenthood. 

That is where Gender Selection Australia is a leader in the field.

Treatment for IVF in Australia

When it comes to IVF for married or de facto relationships, for same sex couples, or a single woman, there is one option that stands out from the rest.

One question that confuses same-sex couples is if they will be eligible for the Medicare rebate? The answer is a definite Yes. It’s important to remember that anyone considering IVF treatment who has out-of-pocket medical costs for testing to determine their fertility is eligible to receive the rebate. 

While choosing to take the road of IVF is an option for a growing number of people throughout Australia, choosing the gender of your baby remains illegal.

What then are the choices for those who want the chance to determine whether they will have a girl or boy?

This is where the expertise of Gender Selection Australia comes into the picture. You can choose your baby’s gender with the expertise of Dr Potter and over your trip to and from the U.S.  

The experts in fertility experience

Getting the best possible results in fertility treatment and having the ability to choose the gender of your baby is a special privilege.

How is Gender Selection Australia different?

Research shows that there was a 65% chance for women in their 20’s and after three stimulated cycles to become pregnant. For women in their early 40’s, that rate drops to just over 10%.

The difference with the GSA successful pregnancy rate is that it jumps to more than 85%. That’s a huge advantage and with it comes the ability to complete the mix to meet your family needs in the choice of a girl or boy.

It’s the special level of support and expert advice that you can rely on from the moment you first contact the friendly and helpful team right through to the birth of your new baby.

The only question you will be left with is why you didn’t talk to us sooner.