The Path to Parenthood through Single Parent IVF

Single parent IVF

Special care and attention is needed when someone undertakes the single parent IVF journey.

The path to parenthood is never as simple as many people believe. It’s made more complicated when there are fertility issues and even harder still when it is single women on IVF treatments.

The good news is that there is help available from a caring team who know what you’re going through and how to help you navigate the obstacles. You can be on your way to parenthood with expert guidance all along the way.

Single parent and IVF

There are many reasons that a person chooses IVF treatment as a single parent.

Those reasons include:

  • Not being able to find a life partner
  • Age related infertility
  • Onset of gynaecological problems

There is nothing perfect in life and taking the IVF treatment route is often thought to be a ‘last resort’ for some women. That is anything but true.

Every woman will wonder about their fertility at some stage of their life and how much of an obstacle it could be to becoming a parent.

With age-related infertility (scientifically known as egg metabolic fatigue) affecting women from the age of 35 and over, fertility treatments and alternative options are in high demand.

Some women experience the effects of age-related infertility in their twenties.

For those who have not found a life partner there are two significant choices to make. Do I continue to search for that special partner or do I look at all the possibilities of becoming a parent? One of which is to elect to try IVF.

IVF treatment in Australia

When it comes to IVF for a single woman, Australia has been a country closely associated with this ground-breaking advance. Australia was home to one of the pioneering teams that first developed this specialised treatment.

It was little surprise that the third IVF baby born into the world was an Australian. Advances in IVF treatment have followed ever since.

It is now possible for a single woman to undergo IVF treatment, even though some of the stigma around choosing parenthood in these circumstances still remains to this day.

There has been a steady increase in the amount of single women starting families on their own. With the demands of longer work hours and the importance of building a career has come a growing demand for different paths to parenthood.

A woman who is not yet ready to start a family has the option of freezing her eggs. This allows her to maintain her fertility with the increased chances of becoming pregnant later in life.

Even though choosing IVF is an option for many people in Australia, it is against the law to choose the gender of your baby.

What then are the choices for those who want the chance to determine whether they will have a girl or boy?

This is where the expertise of Gender Selection Australia comes into the picture.  

The trusted experts

Having helped a long list of grateful parents, Gender Selection Australia has become synonymous with getting the best possible results.

It all starts with the initial consultation where you are taken through each step in your journey to parenthood. Whether you enlist the help of GSA as a couple or a single woman, you’ll always be treated with the special care and attention you deserve.

There are many different types of fertility treatment solutions available today and GSA offer the best option for you and your personal circumstances.

IVF is a complex and often overwhelming undertaking for some. It can be a long process and one that proves emotionally and mentally exhausting because there is no guarantee of success.

As a realistic guide to IVF success rates, research shows that for women in their 20’s and after three stimulated cycles had a 65% chance of becoming pregnant but for women 42 and over, that figure dropped to just 11%.

At GSA, the rate of successful pregnancy is more than 85%. That is the key to the success story and why more than 4000 families in their dreams of parenthood.

ParenthoodBaby holding parents hand

Whether it’s single parent, same sex parents or couples looking for IVF and the choice of their baby’s gender, Gender Selection Australia is here to help.

The process is made as simple and easy going as possible so you get the best results.

While the pre-testing stage is all done in Australia, the specialist team is always here to support you from your trip to the clinic in Los Angeles and back again.

You get all the support and answers you need throughout the journey.

The only question you might be left with is why you didn’t talk to us sooner.