The Ins And Outs Of How To Have A Baby Boy

IVF for a baby boy or girl

Gender selection is a special path and the steps for IVF for a baby boy or girl are easier than ever. 

Parenthood is not always the simple and smooth process that it could be. This is when would-be parents need to look at their different options. 

how to have a baby boy

Sometimes those prospective parents are choosing to find their perfect mix of a boy or girl to fit in their family structure. It could be that they have always wanted one of each gender and already have a girl.

Knowing how to have a baby boy is a precious gift that wasn’t possible years ago but is now available to couples today. You can have that choice for yourselves and make that decision with clarity and certainty.

This is all made possible by enlisting the help of true professionals who are able to take you through the journey to parenthood with special care. 

The ideal baby for your circumstances

There have been many various and even some strange theories about how to conceive a baby boy. Some of them still endure to this day, whereas others have fallen into the myths category.

The most interesting of the Old Wives tales include having sex in Autumn or when the Moon is in its first or third quarter, and even facing the bedhead in a northerly direction.

In modern times, that list has become more specific and covers everything from:

  • Drinking more coffee or a high energy drink before having sex. The idea is that the caffeine gives the Y sperm a special boost to get to the uterus.
  • The male partner should wear boxer shorts instead of briefs to prevent the sperm from dying when the testicles overheat. 
  • The female-making sperm prefer a more alkaline environment. You can create one by eating more green vegetables and nuts, legumes, soybeans, and barley, beets and seeds.

Some people turn back to a book from 1970, Your Baby’s Sex: Now You Can Choose by Landrum B. Shettles. 

This became a long held method for how to have a baby boy or girl and it is still popular to this day.

The cyclic method for conceiving a boy or girl

The Shettles method of gender selection is centred around the conditions and workings of the female reproductive tract during the menstrual cycle. 

Timing sexual intercourse within the menstrual cycle is the cornerstone of the method. 

The chances of having a boy are highest on the day of ovulation and two to three days following. Couples should avoid intercourse from the beginning of the menstrual cycle until the day of ovulation.

To produce a female baby, the method encourages intercourse between the end of menstruation and at least three days before ovulation.

The Shettles Method explains that a couple trying for a boy should refrain from sex in the time between the menstrual period and days before ovulation. 

IVF treatment for boy or girl

The IVF process includes extracting multiple eggs from the mother which are then fertilized with the father’s sperm. When the fertilised eggs grow into embryos, they are then tested to find out the genetic makeup of each embryo.

This fertility procedure can be utilised to choose the gender of your baby prior to conception. Gender selection is performed by creating embryos, and then testing them which enables you a chance to choose the gender you want to transfer. 

When it comes to IVF for a baby boy, this special method can be used for a couple to live out their dream. 

With the team at Gender Selection Australia, you can have the chance to have the child of a specific gender and to meet your family needs.

The process is made as simple as possible, so you get all the support and answers you need from your initial query through to the birth of your new baby.

The only question you have is why you didn’t talk to us sooner.