Navigating Parenthood Through Solo IVF

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Single women IVFNavigating parenthood at any time of your life can be a challenge, but any parent is likely to tell you it is the most rewarding challenge of their lifetime. Choosing to live a life without a partner, or not having a partner at the time you want to choose to have a child, doesn’t disqualify you from having a child, as more and more women are choosing to pursue single women IVF

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a personal choice to make at any time, and some women are taking that a step further and choosing to start their IVF journey as solo parents. The reasons for doing this can vary, but there are several potential considerations that may have an impact in their decision-making. 

For starters, the modern day woman is now more than able to support herself, in many instances more easily than she could in the past. This means if she has a personal desire to start a family, she has no real need to wait until she finds a man to support her while she undertakes that journey. 

Another consideration is that IVF has become more and more accessible, with many women now taking this route. The age at which people start a family has grown older, but this does have an implication on the biological clock. Most women are unable to easily conceive naturally past the age of 35, with only a 5% chance of pregnancy each cycle past the age of 40, but these chances can improve considerably with IVF. 

With the biological clock ticking, and the financial means to do so, why wait for a life partner to come along before starting a family! More and more women are finding that they prefer living their lives without the complications of a relationship, or that they just have no desire for one, but that they still want a bundle of joy to call their own. 


Parenthood is rife with challenges at any time, and solo IVF is not exempt from this rule. Before starting on this journey, it is important that you consider some of the potential emotional challenges that might arise from taking this course of action, like feelings of stress, loneliness, and uncertainty. 

These feelings are natural, and come from the fact that you are making a life-altering decision. Having a support network there to help you through is essential, as this can help you to cope with some of these feelings. Try reaching out to friends or family, or even going online for communities of like-minded people. 

It is also important that you make time for yourself, and engage in self-care activities. This could look like taking the time to rest when you need it, or having a daily routine that includes some wind-down time. Whatever helps you to relax and stay calm, make sure it is in your life intentionally. 

Finally, it might be worth taking some pre-emptive measures and attending some counselling or therapy before undertaking this process. This will help you to come up against your biggest concerns, and work through them before being fully committed to the process. 

Practical Considerations

Once you’ve worked through the tough part, and set up a support network, you get to enjoy the fun bit! Imagine all the ways that your life will change once you’ve had your baby, and prepare for all those eventualities. 

Some of the more practical considerations might include looking at how you are going to create a nurturing home environment (like planning the little one’s nursery), or how you will create a balance between work and home life. Other considerations might include looking into childcare options in your area, and researching preschools or local babysitters. 

It might also be worth looking into schooling options for when the baby gets a bit bigger, and checking into housing options within your local area if you plan to stay long-term. Talk to your friends and family about their plans, and see if you will likely want to move in the next few years, or if you will be staying put the whole time your child is under your roof. 

Have fun with this part but remember to be thorough. When the baby comes, having a solid plan for what you are going to do will help to keep everything moving smoothly. Logistical challenges can wear you down day-to-day, so having an overall plan for the day may help, even if that plan changes when the baby doesn’t go down at nap time. 

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