A Message to Our GSA Families re the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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To all our valued GSA families and friends,

We trust that you are all keeping safe and managing to adapt to this new ‘normal’ as best as possible.

We are in unprecedented times and each day there are changes and updates. Firstly, we wanted to advise you that GSA is open and it is ‘business as usual’ for our team. We understand at the moment planning for your next baby may be on the back burner but we know that for many of you this is still something you very much want and therefore we are still available to help and support you and are still available for phone consultations.

Patient health and safety is the number one priority for Dr Potter and his team. At this present time, they have closed the clinic for the next 2 weeks as directed. The team is still available and have access to emails so they are answering questions, reviewing results and doing as much as they can for families from remote locations. Dr Potter is still available for phone consultations.

At this stage, April and May cases have been put on hold and as soon as more information comes to hand we will advise when Dr Potter can start treating families again.

What if I am scheduled to see Dr Potter in 2020?

As you would be aware, we have many Australian families who are scheduled to see Dr Potter this year. Many of those families have already reached out to us and are asking, what’s next?

For families scheduled to see Dr Potter, ideally you should continue preparing for treatment. As you know it takes approximately 6 months to move through the steps and pre-testing results last for 6 months. So you can continue with this and have your call with Dr Potter so you understand your chances of success. At this stage if you pre-test in March you could see Dr Potter in October at the latest.

What if I am not a patient but still want to start the process?

Now is the perfect time to start this! If you haven’t yet been set up as a patient on Dr Potter’s patient portal but want to start moving through the steps we can arrange this for you. Just get in contact with our team and we can arrange an initial phone consultation.

Families are still going to want to move forward with their plans so we expect that once we move past this challenge, the clinic will be very busy. Therefore we still suggest booking in your date so you are in the system. It is likely we will have to push families to later months so if you are in the system you will of course have priority.

We are committed to supporting families on their journey and we are happy to answer any questions at any time. We are committed to keeping you updated as soon as more information comes to hand.

Although this is a challenging time for all of us, we are positive and excited that in the future we will help more families and see many many more gender selection babies being born.

If you have any questions at all please contact us directly via phone on 1300 436 337 or email me at vivienne@genderselectionaustralia.com.au. We are also available through our Facebook page if you would like to PM us.

Thanks again for all your support, we appreciate it!

Stay safe and take care,

The Gender Selection Australia team.