The Science of Selection: Choosing Your Baby Boy with IVF

IVF for Australians

how to have a baby boySo, you’re dreaming of a perfect, bouncing baby boy. What now? Luckily, figuring out how to have a baby boy is more affordable and accessible than ever. At Gender Selection Australia, it’s our goal to take as much stress and confusion out of the IVF process as possible – this should be an exciting time! Whether you’re a couple or an individual parent-to-be, choosing to have a baby boy can be an empowering step in your fertility journey. Our friendly team is here to guide and support you every step of the way. Read on to learn how to have a baby boy with Gender Selection Australia.

Understanding IVF Gender Selection 

The IVF process begins with the “stimulation” part of the cycle. This involves specialist medications to grow many more egg-carrying follicles than would usually be created in a natural cycle. Throughout this process, the team at GSA will carefully monitor your hormonal levels and follicle size with blood tests and ultrasounds. 

Once the follicles have matured, you’ll undergo the egg collection procedure. This is quick and painless, as you’ll be under twilight sedation. Your collected eggs will then be fertilised using sperm provided by a partner or donor, depending on your preference. The resulting embryos will be monitored as they develop.

At this point, your embryos can undergo tests to determine the sex of each – this is how we can ensure you have a baby boy embryo transferred! Once your embryos have been screened, the healthy male embryos are then frozen for future transfer. With such a vulnerable and high-stakes procedure, it’s important to only opt for the best provider. Our expert medical team, cutting-edge technology, and empathetic, client-focused approach put us firmly at the forefront of the industry. IVF for Australians with Gender Selection Australia can take the guesswork and element of chance out of the conception process. 

Genetic Screening and Selection 

For couples and individuals undergoing IVF, the process can be equal parts stressful and exciting. This is the beginning of your pregnancy journey – it makes sense that you’re full of anticipation and emotion. One of the ways that our team works to remove as much stress as possible from the process of getting pregnant with a baby boy is through genetic screening. 

This process takes place as part of the routine testing to ensure you only have the highest-quality embryos transferred. Our embryologists will painstakingly inspect each embryo to ensure that it is free of genetic abnormalities. Our team can simultaneously check the sex of each embryo, selecting a male for transfer and, hopefully, implantation. 

Reasons For Wanting to Have a Baby Boy

There are many varied reasons a couple or individual parent might choose to have a baby boy through IVF gender selection. At Gender Selection Australia, we see people choose a boy embryo for: 

Family balancing reasons. Some couples may choose a boy embryo if they already have one or more female children and wish to balance the genders in their family. We help many couples who have already welcomed several baby girls and are looking to complete their family by having a baby boy. 

Genetic disorders. Did you know that certain genetic disorders are linked to gender? If a couple knows they are carriers of this kind of disorder, they can opt for a baby boy. This is especially the case if there is a history of illnesses in the family that predominantly or exclusively affect women. Parents might opt for a male embryo to potentially reduce the risk of their child inheriting the condition.

Personal preference. Some parents have personal reasons for wanting a son. For example, perhaps you know that you only want one child, and you’ve always dreamed of having a sweet baby boy to carry on the family name. Personal reasons for gender selection can vary widely. 

At Gender Selection Australia, we believe gender selection is a deeply individual and private decision-making process that should sit with parents. 

Thanks to advancements in genetic technology, gender selection for IVF in Australia is reliable and accurate. We’ve helped countless couples fulfill their dream of having a baby boy. “Without you all, we wouldn’t be here holding our beautiful boy,” says one happy client

If your dream is to have a baby boy, we can show you how – and support you every step of the way. Our team knows how important gender selection is for prospective parents. For clients who want to have that choice, our role is to empower them with superior medical care and industry-leading expertise. Dr Potter keeps maximising live pregnancy rates at the forefront of operations at Gender Selection Australia. 

Choosing to start or grow your family is a hugely meaningful step in life – and the possibility of selecting your baby’s gender through IVF is one of the most remarkable advancements in reproductive technology. At Gender Selection Australia, we specialise in helping individuals and couples achieve their dreams of having a baby boy.

Our team uses the latest medical science to offer you a safe and supportive environment throughout your journey. We understand the importance of family—that’s why we’re here to provide you with choices that align with your personal wishes. 

If you’re considering IVF with gender selection, get in touch with our friendly team and schedule your 1:1 consultation.