Can You Choose Gender With IVF?

IVF Australia

The road to parenthood and the ability to choose a boy or girl can be complicated which is why the issue of gender selection and IVF Australia wide is a hot topic. 

Having a family is a precious thing and having the ability to select the gender of a baby is all the more special.

When it comes to the different circumstances couples face, there are some that need a special care and level of attention. One of the most important and personal is fertility and wondering if and how a pregnancy will progress. This can be both emotionally and psychologically draining.

This is when sensitivity and understanding become invaluable to the experience and give comfort and strength throughout the process.

IVF is a journey that many can find overwhelming which is why having the backing of an attentive and caring team of experts is a precious asset.

Why couples choose the option of IVF?

There can appear to be many obstacles to couples gaining access to IVF. This is where IVF programs can be beneficial. Not all participants in these programs undergo the process due to the same issue. 

There is a list of different reasons when choosing to take the path of conceiving through IVF.

These include:

  • Help with family balancing
  • Allowing single parents and same-sex couples to create a family

There are more than just a few hurdles to overcome throughout the IVF process and it can be an exhausting and testing time for any couple. 

What if that couple were looking for the option of choosing the gender of their baby? This can add a special level of stress, especially there are other issues at play.

Choosing the gender of the baby through IVF

These days, there are many reasons for a couple to consider selecting the gender of their baby. 

ivf gender selection

While sex selection via IVF Australia wide, is not available for family balancing purposes, there is one avenue to consider.

Gender Selection Australia is proud to provide the most caring, supportive approach to the process. With a success rate year on year that is one of the highest in the world.

The first steps are made simple through an initial discussion, followed by preliminary testing which culminates with the special one on one consultation with Dr Potter.

You get the best in guidance and advice in the most caring way. Pregnancy and IVF can both a confusing and exciting experience. You will know you’re in the best of hands right from the outset with the GSA team behind you.

You have access to the ultimate in service from the expert team in the IVF gender selection process throughout the journey.

Gender selection that works

Gender Selection Australia is proud to provide the very best in care, comfort and attention.

With the expertise of the team, the whole process of IVF treatment becomes as seamless and easy as possible. 

It’s important to remember that Gender Selection Australia and Dr Potter’s nurses will be there the whole time and will be looking after you personally throughout the whole process.

From the pre-testing stage in Australia to the visit to the clinic in Los Angeles and your return, the GSA team is always here to assist and reassure you.

Once you are provided with all the information you need from a trusted team of experts, you will be able to make the best decision with regard to building your family. 

There is true peace of mind in knowing you can get the answers to any questions you have along the way to conceiving a child.

One of the only questions you’ll be left with is why you didn’t start this amazing and rewarding journey sooner.

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