Growing the GSA family. Another success story for Mother Denise & Baby Cleo.

IVF for baby girl

After finding out our second baby would be another boy, I was disheartened. Gender disappointment hit me hard, and it was very unexpected. I began to research methods of swaying a particular gender, which eventually led me to an IVF gender selection Facebook group based in America. Like most Australians, I was unaware gender selection through IVF was even an option, as it is not offered here. I learnt a lot in this group by reading the posts of other members, and found I was not alone in my feelings.

A Google search then led me to the Gender Selection Australia website where I was able to find more information on success rates and the gender selection process that Dr. Potter was offering in Newport, California. The greatest appeal of GSA was being able to complete the entire process in a single trip to America.

how to have a baby girl

When I first engaged my husband in conversation about IVF gender selection overseas, he was initially against it. At this stage we were still pondering whether we wanted a third child. It took about a year for both my husband and I to fully come to terms with the idea that this was something we might pursue.

The cost of travelling to America for IVF would be a huge financial hit. And as with all IVF, a good result is not guaranteed. We also had to be mindful of the current Covid-19 pandemic, as the world was coming out of lockdown, and flights were not assured. It was a huge risk, but fortunately for us, one that paid off.

Our next step was to talk to our parents. Although a bit shocked at our decision to pursue gender selection IVF, they were very supportive and curious. We were incredibly grateful when they agreed to care for our boys while we would be away.

Once we had committed to our decision we had constant communication with a HRC nurse, the GSA representative here in Australia, and a Zoom consultation with Dr. Potter himself. They were able to answer any further questions we had and guided us through the entire process through email, sending testing instructions and medical scripts.

I did some basic pre testing, blood tests and ultrasounds, here in Australia. Initially I approached my local GP, however he was not supportive of our decision to pursue gender selection and refused to help organise further testing.

I did my remaining appointments in Brisbane with Dr. Mastry, who was recommended to me by GSA. He was amazing, understanding, and non-judgemental.

Next, it was time to start the meds, which I won’t lie, was a bit daunting. Having never done anything like this before I was quite anxious about having to inject the medications myself, however it was fairly easy and I quickly adjusted. After all, this was all for my dream of having a little girl!

In June 2022 we flew to Los Angeles, USA, and drove down to Newport to meet the HRC team. We had arranged to stay for 12 days and I had my egg retrieval during our first week, and the embryo transfer the following week. Both procedures were simple and pain free, and best of all, yielded fantastic results.

We were blessed with 8 normal embryos, 3 boys and 5 girls. We were absolutely thrilled to have achieved such amazing results and transferred our highest quality female embryo, praying she would stick and I would finally be pregnant with our little girl.

With the left over embryos we had the choice to freeze, donate or discard them. In between our appointments in Newport we were able to explore the area as we pleased, enjoying a little holiday time.

Once back in Australia I had a blood test to confirm if the transfer had been a success. It was positive. I was pregnant with our girl!

As well as our parents knowing, we have since told our closest friends about our gender selection journey, and all of them have been supportive.

We can’t thank Dr. Potter and all the staff at HRC enough for allowing us the opportunity to fulfil our dream of having a baby girl.

Our IVF gender selection daughter was born in March 2023. Our two boys absolutely adore her.

We are all so happy to have her complete our family.

Looking back on the whole experience I am so thankful we made the decision to pursue gender selection. We are incredibly lucky and so grateful our IVF journey was a success.

Some days I look at my daughter in disbelief that I am able to hold her in my arms. What an amazing experience it was to bring her into this world. She is absolutely worth it.