Can a Single Parent Do IVF?

IVF for a single woman in Australia

There are many people who experience a number of hurdles on their road to parenthood. These issues and challenges can make it doubly hard for a single parent. 

It is not unusual for someone in this position to be confused, wondering if there is such a thing as IVF for a single parent? The good news is that Single Parent IVF is available and its popularity is on the rise.

The world has come a long way in the field of fertility, and all the years of research and study are paying off for those who face many issues with becoming pregnant. The most significant shift came with the breakthrough of IVF treatment from its beginnings in the early 1970’s to the very first IVF pregnancy and live birth of Louise Brown in July 1978.

These days, IVF treatment is widely accepted as an option for those with fertility issues or who are unable to become pregnant due to other reasons. These treatments are now available to the wider population and it is not uncommon for a single parent to choose this avenue to parenthood.


single parent IVF

The decision to be a parent

Despite what some of the media may say about the increase in IVF treatments around the world, there is nothing frivolous about choosing to be a parent, especially as a single person.

The decision to pursue motherhood alone has rarely if ever been taken lightly. A vast majority of single women spend a great deal of time going through what their lives and the life of their baby will be in different scenarios. 

It is this valuable time which is spent considering each option and the various outcomes that nearly all single women take before their final decision. One of the fundamentals of choosing IVF as a single parent is knowing that you have a reliable support network to call on before the process even begins.

Staff and doctors at fertility clinics note that it is typical for a single woman to visit in the company of their parents, a close family member or a trusted friend who will be there for them throughout the journey to parenthood.


The rise of single parenthood

Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of people choosing single parenthood through IVF.

This choice can be the result of a number of reasons;

  • Not finding a life partner
  • Not being with someone who wants to be a parent
  • Age (where the ability to conceive lessens over time)
  • Wanting to set your own goals and make your own decisions
  • Being able to focus more of their time on their child

As with any major decision regarding parenting or conceiving a child, the choice to be a single parent has significant issues of its own. That person will be the sole decision maker and breadwinner for the life of the child which can sometimes add pressure to their choice of career and the importance of maintaining their own health and well-being.

Support for a person taking this path to parenthood is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome. That is why having a trusted and professional team to help you on that journey can make all the difference.

Imagine having that support and with it, the ability to choose the gender of your baby? It’s no longer just a dream anymore.


The trusted team at Gender Selection Australia

Gender Selection Australia is proud to provide solutions to many of the problems you may face on your IVF journey to becoming a parent. These include partnering doctors in Australia (for testing and monitoring), pharmacies, accommodation advice, as well as supportive counsellors and almost anything else you can think of.

You can always rely on the special level of support and expert advice you will get from the moment you first contact our friendly and helpful team right through to the birth of your chosen baby girl or boy.


Now that IVF for a single woman in Australia is possible, the only question you will be left with is why you didn’t talk to us sooner.