The Future of Family Planning: Exploring IVF in 2024

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IVF AustraliaFamily planning has come a long way in recent decades, with a number of advancements in technology. Not all that long ago, family planning was as simple as choosing how many children you wanted to have and when, and there was a time not long before that when even those choices were out of anyone’s control. 

Luckily, the future of family planning is looking much brighter. Thanks to In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), you can now choose when you want your children and, even, which gender of child would make your family complete.

IVF in Australia is usually limited to simply helping couples to overcome infertility issues, with legal restrictions on gender selection. That is why you should visit Gender Selection Australia, where our international collaboration with renowned embryologist Dr Potter can help you to choose exactly the right solution for your family. 

How Does IVF Work?

Put simply, IVF consists of fertilising an embryo outside of the body. This helps to make sure that the sperm and egg have the best chance of meeting so that fertilisation can happen smoothly. Then, the fertilised egg is implanted back into the uterus of the chosen woman, who carries the baby to term and gives birth as in any pregnancy. 

The woman involved in providing the eggs goes through lots of hormonal injections which are designed to help make sure there are lots of eggs available for collection when needed, and that each egg is at the right stage of maturation for fertilisation. 

Essentially, this process helps to create lots of opportunities to have healthy embryos for implantation. However, it is known to be a bit of a hard task, with the hormonal injections sometimes being difficult to manage. That is why it is essential to have the right support throughout your IVF journey. 

What’s New In 2024? 

As a technology, IVF hasn’t changed much in terms of its process. However, scientists are always working on new and exciting technologies to help make infertility a thing of the past. In recent years, scientists have been developing new techniques, such as embryo freezing. 

In the past, every time you wanted to have an embryo transfer, you would need to go through hormonal treatments, embryo cultivation, and implantation, a process which can take up to a month. However, it is not uncommon for the first round of IVF to fail, which means more expensive treatment is needed. 

In 2024, a new technique called embryo freezing is on the way, with clinicians finding that frozen embryos from the first round of treatment can be thawed and implanted with no negative effect. 

What Does Gender Selection Australia Do Differently? 

There are several choices for IVF in Australia, but Gender Selection Australia is the first and longest standing IVF Australia clinic to offer gender selection for embryos. That means they offer a particular service called pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT). 

PGT can tell you the gender of the baby before it is born, by testing what kind of genetic material the baby has before implantation. This means you can have a choice in the planning of your new addition to the family, and you’ll know right from the beginning whether you are having a boy or a girl. 

In Australia, PGT is illegal for gender selection. It is available for other genetic disorders, but unless you have a family history of serious disease, it will not be made available to you while in Australia. This is why Gender Selection Australia has partnered up with Dr Potter, who works in a Los Angeles clinic in the USA.

Because of the close collaboration between Gender Selection Australia and Dr Potter’s clinic, we can offer continuous support and a known quality of care, which can be difficult or stressful to sort out when flying internationally for PGT. 

Dr Potter also has an amazing rate of success, with an over 80% live birth rate per transfer for patients under 35. To get high quality, continuous and stress-free care, come chat with Gender Selection Australia today. 

What Is The Cost Of IVF In 2024?  

Baby gender selection cost can be one of the prohibitive factors in making family planning decisions. This is particularly true in Australia, where new parents have to travel outside of the country to access PGT. 

Fortunately, Gender Selection Australia has extremely reasonable rates, with prices starting from US$18,825. Take advantage of the ongoing special discount offer – US$15,325, available until 30th of June. This includes extensive consultations, your own dedicated nurse, monitoring and ultrasounds, the egg retrieval, cultivation, and implantation costs, and PGT testing to rule out over 200 diseases (at the same time as finding out the gender of your baby). 

Gender Selection Australia also partners with Total Lifestyle Credit, who can help you to apply for affordable repayment plans, and can help people access care that would otherwise be unaffordable for them. 

Don’t let baby gender selection cost get in the way of your family planning, call now to chat with one of the qualified members of the Gender Selection Australia team.