The Gender Selection Journey

IVF gender selection

There is a lot to consider before embarking on bringing a precious new life into this world, even more so when you are considering your third or fourth child and choosing the path of IVF for gender selection.

Many of our families grapple with this decision, especially if they have previously been able to conceive naturally. There is often an internal debate around whether they are doing the right thing going through IVF. Is the procedure safe? Will my baby be healthy? They spend a great deal of time researching and googling ‘how to have a baby girl’ or ‘how to have a baby boy’ in the hope of discovering information or giving them a sense of peace or approval for their thoughts. Often families consider gender swaying or using old wives tales in an attempt to have their longed for baby boy or baby girl. The worry of embarking on this journey at times can certainly override the excitement of having a new baby.

With IVF comes peace of mind

What many families don’t fully appreciate is that by going down the IVF route, there are some reassurances that don’t come with having a baby naturally. When you have a baby naturally you aren’t aware of the health of the embryo until the 12 week scan. However, when choosing to undergo IVF this information is available prior to the embryo being transferred. In fact, miscarriage risk is reduced by going through IVF.

In 1978 the first live birth was reported as a result of IVF. At the time this shocked the world and was extremely controversial, despite being a revolutionary scientific advancement. Society viewed IVF with suspicion and it was seen as unethical and immoral. Since 1978 more than five million babies have been born through IVF! Today, IVF is viewed as a safe and common treatment and that is life-changing for millions of families across the world.

Advanced technology to ensure the health of you and your baby

Some people say it takes a ‘Village to raise a child’ and we like to say it takes a ‘Village to make a baby’.

As part of the gender selection journey, you will have a sense of peace and reassurance thanks to the very advanced technology used by Dr Potter and his team. Magic literally happens in the lab, giving you the reassurance that your baby will be healthy, and the gender of your choice. As for every parent or parent to be, health is paramount!

The lab where the eggs, sperm and embryos are all handled is an extremely important part of the IVF process. Dr Potter’s clinic at Newport Beach is at the forefront of reproductive research. In 1989, just one year after opening the lab performed one of the first pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) cases in the U.S.

Just as your goal is to achieve a healthy baby, the goal of the lab is create the very best embryo that will result in a successful pregnancy. This is done by creating an environment as close to what would naturally occur in a woman’s body to allow the embryo to grow. We know that chromosome aneuploidy, or an abnormal number of chromosomes is one of the main reasons that IVF cycles fail and also one of the main causes of chromosome disorders (i.e Down Syndrome). Dr Potters lab specialises in pre-implantation genetic testing for abnormal chromosomes (PGT-A). PGT is performed on a few cells biopsied from the blastocyst to identify normal embryos for transfer.

This test significantly increases the success rate for your cycle due to reducing implantation failure, miscarriage and chromosome disorders. The lab uses the most sensitive and reliable platform for testing, which is called Next Generation Sequencing.

All this attention and expertise is used to ensure your pregnancy is given the very best start and helping to eliminate all those unknowns.

Start your gender selection journey today

Having a baby can be daunting, we all want our precious babies to be healthy and happy. The IVF journey through Dr Potter helps to make this happen. In the last 5 years, Gender Selection Australia has helped more than 5,000 families learn about the possibilities of gender selection and last year alone we sent more than 150 families to see Dr Potter and his team to help complete their families   You can learn more about the gender selection journey from some of our special families at our reviews and testimonials page.

We are passionate about working with families to achieve their family balancing goals. If you are interested in finding out more about the gender selection process and how you can make it a reality, please schedule a free consultation, email our team at or give us a call on 1300 436 337.