How To Have A Baby Girl For Single Women Through IVF

How To Have A Baby Girl

There has been a strong and steady growth in single women IVF treatments.

The path to parenthood doesn’t always run smoothly and it can become more complicated for single women.

It was not that long ago that a single woman would not be able to access the IVF program. There were many obstacles to overcome and some IVF clinics would openly reject single women or those women often felt intimidated by visiting a clinic.

single women IVF

Thankfully for single women of today, those days are now gone.

There has been a seismic shift in what is possible including having the chance to know how to have a baby girl or boy.

It wasn’t always this simple and the change often felt like a slow process for those involved in getting help with IVF.

The change in the path to IVF for single women

Life doesn’t always come with an open path ahead. It was not until the push for allowing single women to access IVF in the late 1990’s that real change was made.

One of the landmark rulings was in July of 2000 that the Federal Court Of Australia handed down a decision that the ‘provisions of the Victorian Infertility Treatment Act 1995 were inconsistent with section 22 of the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984’ in relation to a single woman who was denied the chance to conceive through IVF. 

The matter related to her marital status being the block to her ability to access IVF treatment. The Infertility Act outlined that ‘IVF may only be carried out on a woman who is married or ‘living with a man in a de facto relationship’.

The special thing about enlisting the skills of Gender Selection Australia means you have a fully qualified and professional approach at every step of the journey. You get the added bonus of choosing the option of IVF for a baby boy or girl.

Choosing a baby’s gender through IVF

With the advances in fertility treatments and innovations in conception, more people than ever have the advantages of improved fertility.

In some cases, those who would have been thought to be infertile decades ago or those unable to access IVF can now reap the rewards of this specialised treatment.

Not many people realise that with the changes to this field comes the knowledge that IVF treatment and gender selection can now be part of the same process. 

This is exciting news, especially when it comes to the single women IVF process. 

For any would-be parent who is wondering how to have a baby girl or boy, there is one path that has a success rate that is the mark of a quality process. It all comes down to the specialised skills of Gender Selection Australia.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a streamlined process which includes intricate planning and implementation. This is a specialised method which has allowed hundreds of couples as well as singles to realise their dreams of parenthood.

The experts at Gender Selection Australia are always there with expert guidance and advice on how to maximise your chances of conceiving.  

The path to your choice of parenthood

With Gender Selection Australia, you now have the ability to choose the gender of your baby and all through a carefully structured and completely legal avenue. 

The GSA process is made as stress-free as possible. You are given the entire road map to your goal of parenthood in an easy to follow and specially supported way. 

It’s great to know that you have a friendly and experienced team here at Gender Selection Australia to help you make the best choice for you and your circumstances. It’s all about equipping you with the right information. 

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